What Is An AllerCoach?

AllerThrive Food Allergy Coaching, LLC provides a certified AllerCoach specializing in one on one support for adults, college students, and children diagnosed with food allergies or special dietary restrictions. Based out of the Greenville, South Carolina area, our mission is to help clients create more time, reduce stress, and provide the resources to thrive in their daily lives. Services include:

  • A caring, supportive, and empowering environment
  • Food allergy education for individual and family/friends
  • Personal shopping and label reading at local groceries
  • Meal planning specific to your needs, lifestyle, and preferences
  • Cooking and organizing your kitchen for food allergies
  • Dining out safely
  • Support for navigating parties and social situations
  • Medical emergency planning
  • Advocacy in schools, colleges, and the workplace

Alanna Waldrop has over 17 years of experience in living with food allergies and over 10 years of experience in education, teaching, and training. She is certified through Food Allergy Gal’s AllerCoach program, one of the only programs in the country offering formal training to coaches in food allergy management.

To learn more about personal AllerCoach services, email allerthrive@gmail.com.

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