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US Residents: Petition the FDA for Drug Allergy Labeling

Many of you have read part of my story about the reaction I had to an acid reflux prescription (contained soy) after my pharmacist told me I had nothing to worry about. After taking this medication for 15 years, I saw my acid reflux symptoms dramatically decrease after stopping the medication that I was clearly allergic to.

You may have also seen my story about one of the most prescribed over-the-counter antihistamines in the US and the soy they are hiding in their antihistamines. I know this for sure, because I had a reaction and confirmed with the company.

One of my fellow allergy bloggers, The Allergic Kid, has started a petition to direct the FDA to require the labeling of all food ingredients in prescription medications. Please sign the petition and promote in every way that you can! This petition could truly save lives!