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Soy Free Pimiento Cheese

I am a true southern girl, and I am literally sitting here eating a bowl of shrimp and grits and as I blog about my family’s pimiento cheese recipe. For those of you that have never tried pimiento cheese, it is not only a true southern staple, but it is a time-saver for anyone on the go, and especially someone with soy allergies.

There are many ways to use pimiento cheese. It can be used anywhere cheese is used, such as a topping for burgers or as its own sandwich spread, but it can be its own dip for vegetables or potato chips. Pimiento cheese with raw carrots, broccoli, and cauliflower makes a great lunch for work. The best part is that it is incredibly easy to make and can go anywhere in a little cooler with some ice.

There are many variations on pimiento cheese, but it is SO much tastier to make your own than to buy the store-bought variety, and it is almost as easy to make as it is to open a store-bought container.

My parents have perfected this recipe over the years, and it really uses very little mayonnaise. In fact, I plan to try making my own avocado spread in place of mayonnaise to see if it will work. I will keep you posted on that venture. 🙂

A couple of Soyvivor notes for this recipe: Definitely make sure you use soy free mayonnaise, and you should be aware of reading labels for the pimientos. I recommend Lindsay pimientos, not just because their citric acid is not derived from soy (derived from corn), but it is also a far superior product for making pimiento cheese compared to some of the other pimientos my family has tried.


Pimiento Cheese

Makes 4 servings:

2 cups finely grated sharp cheese

1/4 cup grated Jalapeno Jack cheese (more if you like it spicy)

1-4 oz. jar Lindsay diced pimientos, undrained (chop if you buy the sliced ones)

1-3 tbs. soy free mayonnaise (may need more)

In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients  with a spoon. You will also use the juices in the jar of pimientos, which will help reduce the amount of mayonnaise needed. Mix well and add more mayonnaise until desired consistency is reached.


Are you surprised that there are no spices? Some recipes call for garlic, salt, pepper, etc. The truth is, using the jalapeno jack cheese and the juices from the pimientos give this recipe enough “kick” to avoid using lots of ingredients.