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Soy Survival Pep Talk #1: I am so tired of cooking!

Some days, I feel like my whole world revolves around soy and food. By the time I call a few manufacturers, grocery shop, figure out how to prepare three soy-free meals a day, clean up the mess, and figure out what I am cooking tomorrow, I feel like most of my day is gone.

This morning, I thought, “How am I ever going to enjoy life if I stay in the kitchen so much of the time?” Just when I started feeling sorry for myself, I decided I needed to snap out of it.

Yes, at the moment, much of my life is spent dealing with soy, but before I discovered my food allergy, I felt like crap during every minute of the day. So, instead of complaining, I am going to be thankful that during the times when I do have free time, I am going to actually FEEL like enjoying it. Quality free time is so much more important to me than having a lot of free time.

Author: Alanna Waldrop