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Are Widely Available Soy Free Eggs Coming Soon?

I was thrilled to walk into my local Whole Foods a few weeks ago to find a reasonably priced egg that was clearly labeled “soy free.” I thought, “Finally, I can safely eat eggs again!” Unfortunately, those eggs were gone within a couple of weeks. Because of that, I started thinking that maybe there are a lot of folks other than soyvivors that are trying to eat soy free eggs.


From what I have heard, chickens have not always been fed soy and it was unheard of a few years ago for soy to be included in chicken feed. I have also heard that soybean prices are on the rise, and that brings me hope that American manufacturers and farmers will soon be giving up their love affair with the soybean.

In the meantime, I had a great conversation with a staff member at my local Whole Foods. He told me that the reason why they had no more soy free eggs was because the demand was so high. He also said that he had advised one of his friends at a local farm that he had better get rid of the soy in his chicken feed pronto or he would be out of the egg business within a year or two. He said that everyone is growing more conscious of GMOs and soy and  he predicted that soon the eggs on the shelf would be very different than they are now.

I am going to continue to watch not only for the soy free eggs, but for more hope that soy’s popularity is waning!

Calling All Soyvivors: Has anyone else seen a surge in popularity of soy free products?