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Hi. I’m Alanna, and I have been living with multiple food allergies (plus lots of other allergies) for over 17 years. In February 2014, I discovered a soy allergy which led to an incredible journey resulting in dramatic weight loss, incredible health, and energy that I did not know existed.

I found that eliminating soy required 60-80 hours of research and hard work each week for several weeks. As I began to throw out everything in my house including food, household products, and personal care products, I realized how much work there was involved in managing food allergies, not to mention the the devastating emotional effects of having to give up something that was a source of pleasure and social bonding.

I created the blog Soy Allergy Survivor after my diagnosis, and this is my mission:

I want to empower others to create their own path to transformation by helping them be educated about their allergies, create more time to enjoy life, reduce stress, and approach food allergy management with positivity.

Disclaimer:  If you think you have or have been diagnosed with a food allergy, it is very important that you also work with trained medical professionals as part of your health team. This blog is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice, and all products and information mentioned in this blog can change at any time due to updated technology, information, or ingredients. In addition, this website was founded in 2014, so many of the articles found here contain older information that should be double-checked by readers for accuracy.


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I’m wondering also if you know of any correlation among soy allergy, dairy allergy/intolerance, chronic congestion and other allergens, how digestion is affected. I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and am wondering if the soy affects it or not. Thanks again


    1. Hi, Brian! Although I am not a medical professional, I can definitely answer from personal experience. I know lots of folks with more than one food allergy (including myself), and a lot of people find their food allergies through elimination diets. I used the Dr. Oz one-page elimination diet. Allergy testing with an allergist also helps, but many folks including me will tell you that they tested negative for allergies that showed up in an elimination diet. Also try to find a board certified doctor that can give you some guidelines on what to do if you have an allergic reaction while on the diet. For instance, my doctor told me to be very careful for two weeks after my first allergic reaction to soy, because my body was on “high alert” and could react more strongly. I was very glad I consulted with her! In my case sinus infections and IBS are most definitely improved although I still do have them. I have been able to avoid antibiotics for sinus infections since February, which is unusual for me, but that is not to say that I do not have any congestion at all. With IBS, I still deal with constipation, but some of that is because of other medications. I can tell you that I had a stomach virus a few weeks ago, which would normally have given me a very bad bout with IBS for a couple of weeks afterwards, and instead I bounced back and recovered like a normal person. I also have acid reflux, found out that one of my medications had soy in it, and now I am only taking one medication each day instead of two. From my experience, eliminating my food allergies has made a dramatic improvement in how I feel. Folks do not recognize me any more and say that I look like I have been put in a time machine! I truly feel like a different person, and I know a lot of other folks that can also attest to that.


  2. I appreciate your blog so much- when I was first trying to read up on my soy allergy your posts helped me figure life out. Have you been able to find a safe cold medicine or pain reliever? My doctor had a compound pharmacist make me acetaminophen capsule using allergy friendly capsules, but I’m pretty sure they’re made from soy since they are gluten and lactose free and I react to them.


    1. Hi Jill,

      Thank you so much! I am so glad to hear that the blog has been helpful!

      In my area, I have been able to find a doctor that is an MD but is also an Integrative Medicine Doctor. She carries a whole array of supplements and medicines that are free of top allergies, and that has helped me a lot. You may want to look into that in your area.

      Have you tried talking with your compound pharmacist? I recently worked with a compound pharmacist as well, and he was able to call the manufacturer of each ingredient all the way down to the capsule. So far I have not had any problems, so someone out there is manufacturing a capsule that does not contain soy.

      Another idea: Do you have a Target in your area? A couple of years ago, I called Target, and their acetaminophen (Up and Up) brand did not have soy in it as well as several of their other medications (Benadryl, ibuprofen, etc.) I am not sure if that has changed, but it may be worth a call. They usually ask that you call in the store with the actual box in your hand so that they can get the lot number off the box and track which manufacturer made the product.

      Another product you may want to research is Boiron Cold Calm. It has been soy free in the past when I have used it, and Boiron’s website has a store locator on their website. Also, the last time I checked, Ricola cough drops were soy free (see their website), and I use pure honey sometimes for a mild cough.

      I hope that helps, and please keep me posted on what you find!


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