One Page Soy Ingredient List

Click image for One Page Soy Ingredient List There have been many times that I wished that I had a one page list of soy ingredients that I could print, laminate, or email, so I decided to make one. The link to the PDF is above (“One Page Soy Ingredient List.”)  I hope this is … Continue reading One Page Soy Ingredient List

Soy Ingredient List

There are lots of sites with soy ingredients listed on them, but there is one thing I have learned: I could spend all day, every day listing every hidden soy ingredient, and I probably still wouldn’t be able to find them all. I have added as many as I could find to my one page … Continue reading Soy Ingredient List

My Life Before I Knew About My Soy Allergy

This is my story on how I am dealing with my food allergies in hopes that it will be helpful to you as well. I was first diagnosed with food allergies as a child at a Christmas party when the red dye in some jello made me itch all over. Seasonal and indoor allergies were … Continue reading My Life Before I Knew About My Soy Allergy

My One Year “Soyversary” Is Here!

To kick off the celebration of my “soyversary,” I am publishing before and after photos and more about my story throughout the coming weeks. I have had food allergies for years, but the discovery of my soy allergy on February 23, 2014 changed my life in ways that are nothing short of a miracle. I … Continue reading My One Year “Soyversary” Is Here!

Soy Free Macaroni and Cheese

Need an easy dish for your holiday dinner? This macaroni and cheese recipe is super easy, delicious, and it’s my Mother’s recipe, so I can assure you it’s good! It’s also a great weeknight dinner idea.   Soy Free Macaroni and Cheese One package of pasta (Rice pasta or 100% whole wheat pasta work great … Continue reading Soy Free Macaroni and Cheese

Easy Soy Free Snacks

There are lots of easy soy free homemade snacks out there, and my snacks need to be easily stuffed into my lunch bag for work. Here are some of my favorites: A piece of fruit (apples, pears and bananas are especially easy) Cheese slices Fried cheese (take shredded sharp cheddar, sautee dry in a skillet … Continue reading Easy Soy Free Snacks

Soy Free Slow Cooker Recipe: Chicken With Cream of Mushroom

I love to use the slow cooker in cooler months. I can make meals in bulk that freeze well for days when I am too busy to cook. I usually cook an whole container of brown rice and freeze in 1 cup servings for later use as well. As always, read your labels carefully as … Continue reading Soy Free Slow Cooker Recipe: Chicken With Cream of Mushroom

Soy Free Halloween Candy

My first blog on candy was at Easter, and you can read more about that candy list by click here. Since then, I have become much pickier about what I eat and have had several instances where companies were not as transparent about their ingredients as they should have been. As always, keep in mind … Continue reading Soy Free Halloween Candy

Recipe: Soy Free Chicken Peas and Pasta

Sometimes my job requires me to work long 16-hour days due to events, so I like finding dishes that I can make the night before to eat for dinner and then reheat for lunch/dinner the next day. This dish makes great comfort food and also a good hearty meal for days when you are on … Continue reading Recipe: Soy Free Chicken Peas and Pasta

Soy Free Body Wash Reviews

 Soy Free Body Wash Reviews The day after my soy reaction, I took a day to discard everything in my house that contained soy, including bath & body products, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and hand soap. Because those with soy allergy know that soy is really in everything, I basically threw out everything in my … Continue reading Soy Free Body Wash Reviews