Lessons Learned From Vacation


Last month, my husband and I took our first week-long vacation as a couple. Sure, we have had family vacations and long weekends away, but this was the first time that he and I had embarked on a full week away from home just the two of us since my soy allergy diagnosis.

If you have read my previous vacation posts, you know that eating out has always been a huge part of our family tradition. Why cook, right? It’s vacation from everything including cooking! This year, I knew that had to change, but I also knew that I wasn’t about to spend any more precious vacation time in the kitchen than I had to.

Even though I have dealt with food allergies for years, soy was very different for me. It changed everything from what products I ate to what products I used in my house. At first, I honestly thought that I would never be able to travel again. I could not fathom how I would actually be able to relax with so much new responsibility and safety considerations.

As time passed, my confidence grew, and eventually I began to venture out. I wasn’t completely sure that I was ready for a long vacation, but it turned out that it was the most relaxing vacation that I have EVER had. Here’s what I learned:

  • Yes, there is a LOT more packing involved. Towels, sheets, detergent, soap, toilet paper, non-perishable food, and coolers were among the many things that I took with me. The upside is that I found myself surrounded by my own things, and that made me feel at home and relaxed. It was well worth the effort!
  • I really thought I would spend a good bit of time in the kitchen, but preparation in advance proved otherwise. I knew what grocery stores were in my area and I came prepared with a meal plan. I set out to cook dishes that would make great leftovers and dirty very few dishes. I never thought I could eat such great meals with such little effort.
  • Because I prepared my own meals, I did not send my mind and body into a frenzy wondering if this would be the meal where the restaurant would make a mistake and send me into an allergic reaction. The result was consistent peace throughout the week.
  • We found one restaurant that I was very comfortable with due to their relationship with local food sources, and we made it count. We ate an incredible meal, savored every bite, and made it a special event to celebrate rather than just another place to eat.
  • By eating at our condo, we eliminated the time driving to and from restaurants and waiting for elaborate dishes to be prepared. Instead, we spend more quiet time together, and we were able to eat our meals on a cozy screened-in porch. It was relaxing and romantic, and left us more time to spend gazing at the beauty of the ocean.

For the first time, I feel like I was able to truly rejuvenate during my vacation. The key for me was this: I had to let completely let go of my traditions and habits related to food. Giving up my previous relationship with food has allowed me to focus on what truly makes me happy, and I am quickly learning that my happiness has NOTHING to do with what I am eating!

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