Allergy Alert: This Is Why We Read Labels


I was in Whole Foods today, and as I picked up a jar of my go-to almond butter, Justin’s Classic Almond Butter, I noticed something different. I noticed a “may contain” statement including soy and peanuts. I kept thinking, “surely I haven’t been buying this all along with a may contain statement on it!”

Then I started to remember that I had seen some of my fellow Soyvivors talking about their use of Justin’s almond butter and knew that something was wrong. I went back to the shelf and noticed that one of the classic almond butter containers had a may contain statement and one of them did not. I checked the expiration dates, and the container with the may contain statement had an expiration date that was a month longer than the container without it.

I had lots of questions swirling through my mind. Did Justin’s Almond Butter always potentially contain soy, or did they change equipment? What caused them to suddenly start putting this statement on their labels?

Either way, I will be switching brands. I happily found some 356 brand almond butter, and hopefully Whole Foods will be more consistent with their labeling.

This is why Soyvivors or any other food allergy thriver should read product labels every single time. You never know when equipment, ingredients, or manufacturers will change their mind about their priorities and their products.

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