Soy Free Product Reviews: Hair Care

Update 6/28/14: I have now tried the Acure dry shampoo and LOVE it. Most dry shampoos contain fragrances and make your hair sticky, but this one is fragrance free and makes hair feel and look natural. This is a must have for a busy soy free lifestyle!

I was shocked when I first found out that most shampoos, conditioners and styling products contained soy. Finding soy free hair care products was challenging, but it was worth it when my once oily, itchy scalp became calm and needed less care. I have always been advised to alternate hair care with two good sets of products, but finding soy free options took some time. Below are three unbiased, unsolicited product reviews from companies that make hair care products and lot of other great soy free products that I plan to review in the future.

As always, I encourage you to do your own research, as companies can change their ingredients at any time.

Best All Around: Hugo Naturals

Hugo Naturals has a great line of soy free products, and I have not found anything that I have tried from them so far that I do not like. Since I have highlights in my hair, I use their Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner in Mango. It has a great tropical smell and I find that I can go longer between washes with this shampoo. The price is incredibly reasonable compared to the other soy free hair products I have had experience with. I follow my shampoo with the Medium Hold Styling Gel, and my hair always looks fantastic. Definitely give Hugo Naturals a try!

Honorable Mention: California Baby

Whenever I am a part of conversations about soy free bath and body products, California Baby is always mentioned by several folks as being their go-to brand. I use their Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash and the Super Sensitive Hair ConditionerThen,  I follow with the Calming Jelly Mousse for my styling product. The downside to this product is that it is more expensive, and I find that I can get a little more time between washes with Hugo Naturals. I will definitely keep buying this product, but I will likely use it more sparingly.

One more mention for California Baby since it is time for beach season. California Baby has great sunscreen! Check it out!

Great All Around, But No So Great Shampoo: Acure Organics

Acure Organics was the first line of products that I tried, and they really do have a lot of great products, including soy free skin care, body wash, and sunscreen. I am currently using many of their products that I will review later. For hair care, I tried their Moroccan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil Shampoo, their Lemongrass + Argan Stem Cell Conditioner, and their Leave-In Conditioner. The great thing about Acure is that, at least in my area of the country, their products are prevalent in health food stores. The downside is that the shampoo left my hair dry and frizzy, which isn’t normal for my hair. My husband also tried it, and he thought the same thing. I would recommend their conditioner and leave-in conditioner if you are looking for those products, and they also have other shampoos that may be a better fit. I am also anxious to try their dry shampoo as well.

Calling all Soyvivors: Are there other products that you would recommend? Have you tried any of the products above?





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