Soyvivor Tip # 2: It Takes a Village

Thriving with a food allergy requires a good team of friends, family, experts, and retailers that can help you with whatever you need. I have found the following types of people to be helpful in my transition:

  • A doctor with a good grasp on food allergies that can help you with your diet and remind you of the benefits of eliminating your allergy.
  • A contact at a local health food store that is willing to make phone calls and do research to help you find soy-free products.
  • A friend or family member that is willing to help you go to the store and read labels.
  • Someone that lives with you that can help you search, brainstorm, cook (and clean!) recipes that everyone in your house can eat.
  • A close friend or family member that tries to understand what you are going through and can offer a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, or a break from the stress.
  • Someone with a food allergy that can give you some perspective and advice. (This blog should help, and Facebook is another great place to start for fellow food allergy thrivers.)
  • A house of worship that will help you strengthen your spiritual connection, thus assisting you in finding peace with your new lifestyle

Author: Alanna Waldrop

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